Introducing the Vida Active by RMA Sport. From concept to completion, a truly made to measure rigid active wheelchair.

Made in Great Britain

The design, manufacturing, and testing of our products take place under one roof in Bridgend, South Wales using the highest quality materials.  We believe that functionality and performance are essential elements in the design of our chairs which is why our wheelchairs are made to measure, not adjusted to fit.

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No two individuals are the same- same shape, same preferences, or follow the same course. We believe a made to measure wheelchair should be unique to the individual, 100% bespoke. With these principles in mind, we offer a range of standard and additional components that you may require.

Custom Made Wheelchairs

Aircraft Grade Aluminium

Every Vida Custom Wheelchair is built using high-grade aircraft aluminium alloy 7020.  This material is stronger and lighter than standard aluminium, extremely efficient in performance and is heat treatable.

custom wheelchair
Custom Wheelchairs Made to Measure in the UK

Design & Colour Options

The customisation options extend well beyond frame colour selection.  There are multiple Spinergy wheel colours and sizes, various front castor and fork configurations, not to mention the multitude of additional coloured accessories and personalised graphics that can be added to the final build.

Vida & Sport

Since 2013, RMA has successfully introduced its sports product portfolio to the international market.  We are proud of our affiliations and partnerships that include many of the top sports and governing bodies in the UK.  Each sports wheelchair is expertly crafted and the same standards are observed when creating our Vida Active Custom Wheelchairs.

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Custom Wheelchairs


The Polycarbonate Torsion Seating Plate and foldable back rest are just two features unique to the Vida Custom Wheelchair.  The Torsion Seating Plate prevents the seat sag that can occur during the course of the wheelchairs life.

The First Fit

What is Contour Body Mapping?

The Contour Body Mapping® device/system replaces the tape measure, eliminating human error and incorrect recording and interpretation.

Video: Hear Aaron Phipps talk about his fitting experience.  He mentions his “penny dropping” moment when he realised that the Contour Body Mapping System® can accurately measure him in real-time for the optimal fit.

The Second Fit

Our unique service offers our customers the opportunity to try out their wheelchair before it has been completed.

After the first fitting session, the chair is presented in a “tacked” stage/format which makes it possible for you to try out your chair to gauge how it feels.  It is also possible to make small alterations if you feel the chair is not 100% right,  mirroring the principle of a tailored made suit being made exclusively for an individual.

Contour Body Mapping®

We have devised a system that gives unrivalled accuracy and allows the user to experience how the chair feels before construction.

The Vida is produced by utilising what we believe is the best measuring system available today.  Although a tape measure is a great and simple tool, it has its limitations.   Also, the most experienced fitting technician cannot give you an insight into how the chair will feel… Our Contour Body Mapping System does just that.
Electronically Recorded Measurements
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Customisation Options

Going the extra mile

The Production

We use the very latest technology that includes Contour Body Mapping®, CAD design, Pressure Mapping, Laser Alignment, Tig Welding and CNC machinery.


When we decided to test our first Vida chair we were forced to ship it to the TUV Rheinland test facility in the Netherlands as we were unable to find a UK test house.

The Vida Team

Leigh Griffiths

Fabricator / Welder

Custom Wheelchair Welder Builder

Steve Reed

Fabricator / Welder

Keith Morgan

QA / Wheelchair Technician


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