The Vida Active Custom Wheelchair

These chairs are Made to Measure, not adjusted to fit.

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Introducing the Vida Active Custom Wheelchair by Roma Sport. From concept to completion, a truly made to measure rigid active wheelchair.

Made in Great Britain

Our bespoke wheelchairs are design, manufacturing, and tested at our facility in Bridgend, South Wales.   We use the highest quality materials and all our custom made wheelchairs come with Spinergy Wheels as standard.

100% Bespoke

No two people are the same shape or have the same requirements.  We believe a made to measure wheelchair should be unique to the individual, 100% bespoke.

We make sports chairs too…

Since 2013, Roma has successfully introduced its sports product portfolio to the international market.  We are proud of our affiliations and partnerships that include many of the top sports and governing bodies in the UK.  Each sports wheelchair is expertly crafted and the same standards are observed when creating our Vida Active Custom Wheelchairs.

Contour Body Mapping

We have devised a system that gives unrivaled accuracy and allows the user to experience how the chair feels before construction.

The Vida is produced by utilising what we believe is the best measuring system available today.  Although a tape measure is a great and simple tool, it has its limitations.   Also, the most experienced fitting technician cannot give you an insight into how the chair will feel… Our Contour Body Mapping System does just that.

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