Spinergy LX (Light Extreme) 24″

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£220.00 Excl. VAT

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Spinergy LX (Light Extreme) 24″

Improved under-chair hand access with only 12 spokes. New spoke design is extremely durable. Very quiet rolling wheels (no spoke creaking). Ultra lightweight and attractive design. Minimal maintenance required.

Spokes: PBO ber, 12 count, 4mm diameter

Rim: Double-walled, custom aluminum design.

Hub: Custom design, CNC machined.

Bearings: Sealed cartridge bearings. R8 bearings.

Size: 24”

Available in Four Colours : Black, Red, Orange, White.

2 reviews for Spinergy LX (Light Extreme) 24″

  1. Brian Ingram

    I’ve just bought a pair of these and initial thoughts were very good, until I couldn’t find any axles in the box! After speaking with Vida Active they advised they were extra, Spinergy don’t supply axles with their wheels. Considering the cost of the wheels I think it’s shocking they want another £56 for two axles! I utilised my original axles but had to use some washers as spacers, to achieve the correct fit, thus saving a lot of money. I wanted to swap over the original pushrims for rubber coated ones, should be relatively easy I thought, NO! The ones on the Spinergy wheels are held in place by a nut connected to a bolt, which is only located on the inside of the wheel rim. You need access to the bolts with a Phillips screwdriver, in order to slacken the nuts. Simple enough if there are no tyres fitted! Out of the 3 sets of wheels I have, the Spinergy’s are the worst design as far as pushrim security, is concerned. Why would you design a system that requires the removal of the tyres to allow easy access to change pushrims? A question for the manufacturer!

    • vida-admin

      Many thanks for the review Brian. Yes, I’m afraid Spinergy wheels do not come with axle pins, they are £56 a pair. However, we do have a cost effective alternative (see below)…


      With regards to push rim installation. I’d have to agree. Removing tyres to fit push rims is a little tedious. I’m sure this is a common complaint but I’m not sure if Spinergy have a solution?

  2. Brian Ingram

    I have just bought a pair of these from Vida Active and I can’t fault their 1st class service. They made the purchase very easy and seemed very knowledgeable about the aspects of the wheels that I was querying. I ordered them around lunchtime and they arrived well within 24hrs. Good going considering the distance between S Wales and N E Scotland!

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